Fire Resistance Class EI 120 '

  1. Single or double fireproof glass, glazing with thicknesses of 31-35 or 48-84 mm
  2. Steel accessories and extensible belts that protect the structure from high temperatures
  3. Fireproof inserts of GKF or CI ceramic type, inside the profiles, allow achieving class EI 120
  4. Profiled thermal barriers that provide adequate protection against heat loss
  5. Symmetrical model, with 5 rooms, where the fire resistance is maintained regardless of where the fire is.

MB-118 EI certified fire-retardant walls are used to achieve the fire-retardant partitions with fire resistance class EI 120 ‘. The system is classified as being in the NRO class – without fire spreading.

MB-118EI includes aluminum profiles with five sealed chambers with the depth of 118 mm. The interior chamber profiles, as well as the sealing space between them, are filled with fire protection elements. On the outer surfaces, there are expandable belts additionally mounted; the entire structure is completed with steel accessories, joining both sides of the profiles. The glazing may have the thickness of 31 -35 or 48 – 84 mm.

Due to the symmetrical composition, the structures thus created are maintained resistant to fire of class EI 120 ‘, and they may be exposed to fire from the outside and from the inside.


Wall frame depth 118 mm

Air permeability – Class A4, PN-EN 12152: 2004

Glazing range 31 – 84 mm

Waterproofing Class RE 750, PN-EN 12154: 2004

Fire resistance Class EI 120, EN 13501-2