Partition walls with doors RF15 '- RF30'

The MB-60E EI system is designed to achieve interior or exterior doors with one or two wings. This system also allows the building of the so-called technical windows and of the fire-retardant partition walls. Structures based on the MB-60E EI system have a fire resistance class EI15 or EI30 according to the SR EN 13501-1 + A1: 2010 standard. The system is classified as a non-fire spreading system (NRO). The system is based on aluminum profiles with thermal barrier of the MB-60E system, with a depth of 60 mm. The fire resistance of the structure is provided by the thermal insulation elements mounted in the inner chambers of the profiles. The structures are additionally equipped with expandable belts that constitute a fire barrier in case of fire. The system allows the use of all types of fireproof glass, class EI15 and EI30, with the thickness from 5 mm up to 41 mm. Unlike other fire-retardant systems, in the MB-60 EI system, the window is fixed by inner tie rods. The special steel accessories that are used protect the glass against falling during the fire. The MB-60E EI system allows us to create doors with the maximum sheet dimensions: L up to 1.4m and H up to 2.475m. The width of the two-wing doors may be of 2.58 m. This solution, due to its design possibilities and compatibility with other systems in the MB series, is in many cases a very attractive proposal in this class of fireproof products

  1. MB-60E fire-retardant system, which means the possibility of using common elements and simple and fast prefabrication
  2. Structures in classes EI15, EI30
  3. Possibility to use all types of fireproof glass of different classes with thicknesses from 5 to 41 mm
  4. Depth of profiles: 60 mm
  5. Anchoring by tie rods from the inside
  6. Accessible solutions with and without threshold