FIRE-resistant transparent glass systems

The following products are included in the product group responsible for the safety of the persons who are in a building during a fire: interior and exterior partition walls and doors MB-78EI (classes EI 15′ to EI 90′), automatic sliding doors MB-78EI DPA (EI 30′), fire-retardant walls MB-118EI (EI 120′), fire-retardant facades MB-SR50N and MB-SR50N EI (classes EI 15’to EI 60′), glazed fire-retardant roofs (REI 20 / RE 30), smoke-proof doors MB-45D and windows and smoke exhaust vents.

  1. EI15 ‘- EI30’

The system allows the use of all types of fire-resistant glass, class EI15 and EI30, with a thickness from 5 mm up to 41 mm. Unlike other fire-retardant systems, in the MB-60 EI system, the glass is fixed by inner tie rods. The special steel accessories that are used protect the glass against falling during the fire.

  1. EI45 ‘- EI60’ – EI90 ‘

The resistance to high temperature is provided by the special fire-retardant elements – GKF or Ceramic Composite CI – introduced in the inner chambers of the profiles and in the sealing spaces between the profiles.

  1. EI120 ‘

Due to the symmetrical composition, the structures made on this system are maintained fireproof in class EI 120 ‘, and they may be exposed to fire both from the outside, and from the inside.

  1. Automatic fire-resistant sliding doors EI15 ‘- EI30’

The MB-78EI DPA system is designed to produce certified fire-retardant partitions, with sliding doors, one or two door sheets. Their fire resistance classes EI 15 ‘and EI 30’ are maintained even during fire exposure on both sides, exterior and interior.

  1. Fire resistant curtain walls EI15 ‘- EI60’

The appearance of the fireproof glass facade is no different from that of the base system. In order to gain fire resistance, the upright frames and the girders are anchored with special fireproof inserts.