Fire-resistant windows and doors 90 minutes

Fire Resistance Class EI 90

  1. Single or double fireproof glass with the thickness of up to 49 mm
  2. Steel accessories and expandable belts that protect the structure from high temperatures
  3. Fireproof fillers of GKF type (gypsum-cardboard) or of CI type (ceramic composite) inside the profiles allow achieving the resistance class from EI 15 ‘to EI 90’
  4. Profiled thermal barriers providing adequate protection against heat loss (Uf from 1.6 m2 K)
  5. Different sealing solutions at the base: with and without threshold, allowing achieving the smoke-protection classes Sm, Sa

Resistance class EI 15 ‘, EI 30’, EI 45 ‘, EI 60’ or EI 90 ‘, complying with the standard SR EN 13501-1 + A1: 2010. Tests, calculations and feedback from the market have shown that MB-78EI type products have very good thermal and acoustic insulation.

The structure of the MB-78 EI system upon which this Resistance Class is based relies on thermally insulated aluminum profiles, with the depth of 78mm. They are characterized by a low coefficient of a U global thermal transfer, due to the insertion, among others, of the special profiled thermal barriers with the width of 34mm. The resistance to high temperature is provided by the special fire-retardant elements – GKF or CI (ceramic) – introduced in the inner chambers of the profiles and in the sealing spaces between profiles and accessories and the steel joints.


  • Wall and door frame depth 78 mm Air permeability Class 2, PN-EN 12207: 2001
  • Depth of wing, 78 mm, Waterproof Class 5A, PN-EN 12208: 2001
  • Wall and door frame width 51 mm / 72 mm Fire resistance Classes EI 15, EI 30, EI45, EI 60, EI 90 according to EN 13501-2, classes EI 15, EI 30, EI45, EI 60 according to AT-15 6006 / 2012
  • Width of door wing profiles 72 mm / 51 mm Thermal sealing (coeff.) From 1.6 W / (m2 K) Glazing range 8 – 49 mm Sound insulation (co. RW) Up to 41 dB

Fire-resistant partition walls 120′